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This event has been going on since Sean and Rich saw their father deal with all of the complications that came along from being diagnosed with diabetes.

It started around November 1978, when our father wasn’t feeling well and went to the doctor’s office. They found out that he had Type II diabetes that was able to be controlled with pills. Over the next 9 years things progressed and in the spring of 1987 our father was hospitalized due to the complications of diabetes. At this time they had to take him off of his pills and start him on shots. It took a few days to get him adjusted to his insulin which he remained on until his passing. He retired from work in 1994, and was enjoying retirement life.

Then on Memorial Day 1996, he was out camping and came down with lethal pneumonia. From that day on he started to decline. Leon started to have different diabetic complications that caused his body to start shutting down. His kidneys were giving up; he retained fluid in his legs. Then he had a massive stroke that put him into a coma about 18 hours before he passed away. All funds are donated to the American Diabetes Association.

Sean and Rich wanted to take a negative in their lives and make a positive out of it.